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Roller Protect

Protect Idle Running Rollers

Protects rollers from damage if no ink is running or when printing with half the web, or in case the ink does not run over the entire printing format (roller end). It is easy to wash up when printing black washing is not required. This highly concentrated product is harmless to all roller alloysand contains no hazardous ingredients.


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Roller Protect

Concentrated roller protection paste (a product from GRISO Switzerland)

Product Description:

Highly concentrated and economical in use. For use on all inking units. Whether for sheet or roller printing, “Roller Protect” is universally used on all ink units which are either not needed or only used half of the time. 

The high affinity of the printing ink in many cases makes it possible to run ink into the ink without washing..

Product Features:

The use of “Roller Protect” will protect roller surfaces against damage from running dry. Rollers last longer and print quality is retained in the long-term since roller surfaces are not attacked.

Safe for people and material: No contained hazardous substances, a high flash point and compatibility with all alloy roller surfaces make “Roller Protect” a safe and easy-to-use product.

The product has a flash point of more than 150°C and as a result is neither inflammable nor hazardous. Non-classified!

Product Usage:

Apply an adequate amount of “Roller Protect” on the washed rollers with a spatula or dose it through the ink fountain. For tricky ink shades, roller washing is necessary.

For standard work, the washing of the rollers before the filling with ink is unnecessary. For more tricky ink shades, “Roller Protect” must be washed off with an Afosol standard roller detergent.

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