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Drying Agent For Offset Ink

Formulated for quality offset inks with partially oxidative drying that unfolds its effect in combination with the oxygen in the dampening water. Besides improving the drying, the paste also improves the ink transfer and setting, thereby increasing the resistance to abrasion because of the better ink lay.


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Quick Drier Plus

Universal drying agent with additives for improved ink strike-off and higher print quality (a product from GRISO Switzerland)

Product description:

For all print work which must dry faster: Short runs with low ink consumption and problematic printing materials such as, for instance. Bristol or opaline boards often require an ink adjustment to rationally process the printing assignment.

“Quick-Dryer-Plus” enhances the action of the drying agent contained in the standard ink, ensures faster ink strike-off and improved settling of the ink.

Improved ink transfer: The combination of drying agents and ink conditioners produce a compact ink film, and a smoother layer of printing ink is formed on the printing material. The desired coverage is attained at a lesser ink layer thickness. Optimum printing, improved ink strike-off and better rub-off resistance are obtained as a result.

Good ink rub-off resistance: The controlled emulsion, good ink splitting, and suppleness of the ink produce a smooth ink film. This improves rub-off resistance and powder spraying can be reduced to a minimum.

Product Usage:

Add 3% to max. 6% of the fresh ink. For non-absorbent printing substrates (foils, metalized surfaces, etc.), use the drying agent combination recommended by your ink supplier.

Product Features:

Better settling of the printing ink: Highly concentrated printing inks have a tendency for bubbling in machines with small roller diameters. To attain a certain layer thickness, more ink must be conveyed and thus more water. 

The ink-water equilibrium is difficult to achieve, and emulsification will occur as a result. Due to the ink conditioner, ink splitting is improved, and the ink settles in a smoother manner. 

Reduction in tack supports this property and even allows to easily print paper which is sensitive to plucking without further additives.

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180g tubes, 5 tubes per box

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