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Quick Drier Plus

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Quick Color Set

Improves Ink Transfer

This new type of emulsion improves the ink-transfer and -setting when using modern printing inks. The product allowsfor printing a thinner ink film with an equal ink density without compromising color brilliance. The inks tack is effectively reduced without any loss in consistency and emulsification. Even papers with low pick resistance can be printed in excellent quality.


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Quick Color Set

Ink conditioner for better print quality under difficult printing conditions (interaction ink/paper), (a product from GRISO Switzerland)

Product Description:

Improved ink transfer, better print: “Quick-Color-Set” is a totally new kind of micro-emulsion which improves the ink splitting and ink transfer of modern printing inks. The ink looks better, large areas are more smoothly printed and high densities can be easily achieved.

The ink is shorter, loses tack, stays fresh longer and the emulsifying behavior remains stable. The drying of the ink on normal substrates is not affected by this.

The strike-off of the printing ink is improved with retained color brilliancy. 

Buildup on cylinders and rubber blankets through binding agent impoverishment with highly concentrated printing inks/metal printing inks with low ink take-up does not occur or is noticeably retarded.

The tension of the printing ink is clearly reduced which prevents plucking with poorly sized papers. Mackling, caused by the distortion of the print sheet, and curling at the end of the sheet with light-weight paper is improved. Halftone dots print better without noticeable spread.

Product Usage:

Add 2% max. 6% “Quick-Color-Set” to pure printing ink. Avoid adding too much.

Product Features:

Less start-up waste: The ink/water balance is rapidly found; production print quality being immediately achieved, and the start-up waste reduced to a minimum.  

Production printing remains stable, the frequent washing intervals due to buildup on cylinders and rubber blankets are greatly reduced. The production print output with the printing of metal inks is significantly increased.

Start-up problems with critical printing plates, the dreaded adhesion of print sheets and the distortion of the print sheet at the end of the sheet are largely eliminated. 

Plucking and line detachments on start-up are reliably prevented. Print quality is rapidly achieved and consistency of quality in production printing assured. Recycled papers and papers with a high wood content can be more efficiently printed with less fiber buildup.

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