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print auxiliary Griso quick colour set product


Fast Color Change

Particularly recommended if a quick change from dark to bright colors is necessary. The paste contains special active agents formaintenance of the ink rollers on printing machines and is safe for use on all types of rubber compound. Highly concentrated and economical in use. Containing no hazardous components and having a high flash point, the product is safe to use.


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Fast color change, for deep cleaned rollers (a product from GRISO Switzerland)

Product Description:

For use on all inking units. Whether for sheet or roller printing, “Roll-O-Clean” deep cleans the rollers and dissolves residual ink fast and without residues.

It is particularly suitable for fast switches from dark to light-colored inks. Adhesiveness is adjusted in such a manner that the rollers even turn when an adequate amount is applied, and the paste is worked into the roller surface as a result of which the high cleaning action is obtained for short treatment application times.

Product Features:

Rollers last longer “Roll-O-Clean”  deep cleans roller surfaces to remove ink and contaminations. Regular cleaning protects the rollers from blunt surfaces and keeps it ink-receptive. Print quality is ensures and the rollers last longer.

Safe for people and material: No contained hazardous substances, a high flash point and compatibility with all roller surfaces make “Roll-O-Clean” a safe and easy-to-use product.

Product Usage:

Directly apply to the roller surface with the spatula or dosing through the ink fountain. “Roll-O-Clean”  rub in for approx. 3 –5 min. and then wash.

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200g tubes, 5 tubes per carton
0.8 kg cans, 6 cans per carton

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