afosol web fed alpha fount HS310 product 20 litre can pink solution for all dampening

Alphafount HS 310


Alphafount SF 133

afosol sheet fed alpha fount SF133 product 20 litre can direct dampening mini offset

Alphafount SF 110

For high-speed industrial print production

For high speed and perfecting printing in modern presses equipped with process automation and press control systems. To be applied with reduced alcohol and suitable for food grade printing.


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Alphafount SF 110

For Alcohol Reduced Printing

Product Description:

This fountain additive is dedicated to modern high-speed presses equipped with process automation and control systems and is well suited for perfecting units.It is designed to provide top performance with UV inks, metallic compositions and traditional mineral oil-, or vegetal oil-based ink.

The ink water balance is extraordinary stable and unfolds its excellence even under the mix of high printing speed, perfecting, sophisticated substrate material, UV curing and spot colour application. 

The low water uptake and thus best controlled ink split cares for minimum oscillation of colour density and dot gain that keeps the print image contrast at highest level and consistency of colour sheet by sheet. 

Part of the formulation effectuates smart drying behaviour, avoiding smearing, set-off and marking.Besides qualities, like good clean-running features and prevention of bacterial attack within the complete mixing system, a special conceived buffering avoids calcium carbonate deposits.

Product Features:

  • Built-in corrosion guard, safeguarding press components;
  • High-performance anti-piling properties to avoid press downtime;
  • Suitable for food grade printing (foodstuffs sector);
  • Effective calcium blocker prevents deposits on ink rollers;
  • Contains de-foamerfor proper circulation in the piping system;
  • Alcohol reduced, IPA dosage between 3 and 8%;
  • Best performance at dosage 2,5% –3,5%; 
  • At pH 4.8 to 5.5 gives bright colours and faster starts and restarts; 
  • High concentration of plate protective components for all types of plate;
  • Suitable for food grade printing.

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