afosol web fed alpha fount CS213 product 20 litre can pink solution for brush dampening

Alphafount CS 213


Alphafount SF 110

afosol sheet fed alpha fount SF110 product 20 litre can for high speed oil and UV

Alphafount HS 310

Versatile heat-set fount for brilliant results

Optimized for modern heat-set offset presses to enhance image brilliance, support speed and tolerate different substrate characteristics. Ideal for high-quality industrialized illustration printing.


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Alphafount HS 310

Versatile heat-set fount for brilliant results

Product Description:

AlphafountHS 310 is a FOGRA approved, specially formulated fountain solution for fast running heat set presses. This fountain solution is designed to provide top performance with traditional mineral oil as well as soya oil based-, metallic-and UV ink application. 

A new biocide composition avoids bacterial contamination within the complete dampening circulation systems. The built-in corrosion protection inhibition provides additional security. 

The low water uptake for dampening caused by this formula eliminating smearing, suppresses set-off, marking and slow drying. The pH at 4.8 to 5.2 gives brighter colors, faster starts and restarts that effectuates less wastage. It is designed to work in all types of dampening systems. 

Besides the usual qualities of a modern fountain solution additive, like good clean-running features and low water damping a special conceived buffer formula prevents calcium carbonate deposits. Further the additive has a high concentration of plate protective raw materials.

Product Features:

  • Built in corrosion protection (corrosion inhibiting additive)
  • Formulated with high-performance anti-piling properties; to reduce press downtime
  • Biocide protects against bacteria contamination
  • Special surfactants allow to reduction of water: faster drying and higher density of the ink
  • For use in all dampening systems: spray-, turbo-, brush systems
  • Fast start up of the plate
  • Active plate preservers: no oxidation of the plate after press stops
  • Effective calcium blocker prevents calcium deposits on ink rollers: No glazing and roller stripping
  • Very effective in controlling “dot gain” 

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