afosol sheet fed alpha fount SF120 product 20 litre can for alcohol dampening systems and oil-based inks

Alphafount SF 120


Alphafount CS 261

afosol web fed alpha fount CS261 product 20 litre can pink solution for turbo dampening

Alphafount SF 132

One-step fount for Alcohol free Printing

Sophisticated high-quality one-step fount designed for alcohol free or alcohol reduced printing in modern presses. Suitable for food grade printing.


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Alphafount SF 132   

One-step fount for alcohol free printing                                                                                                                                                     

Product Description:

Printing without alcohol is mandatory in some countries already and is getting a consistently increasing share due to growing consciousness for environmental responsibility. Many printers switched already from traditional alcohol as wetting agent to an alternative fountain solution mix. 

To ease the challenge for a changeover to “green printing” this fountain additive has been formulated and its practical use has been proven in the printing society since years. 

This one step fountain additive is dedicated to modern high-speed presses equipped with process automation and control systems. It comprises every feature of a high sophisticated universal fount. Though it is designed for alcohol free printing it can also be adjusted with slight IPA dosing if it is appropriate under specific substrate and ink combination and press settings. 

The fount allows top performance in all types of dampening systems with mineral oil as well as vegetal oil based-, metallic-, UV and hybrid inks.

Product Features:

  • Superior wetting behaviour leads to optimal dampening conditions; 
  • Reduced water uptake influences positively drying time and anti-set-off powder usage; 
  • Fast start up of the plate enables reducing waste of substrate;
  • Has a built-in corrosion guard, safeguarding press components;
  • Formulated with high-performance anti-piling properties to avoid press downtime;
  • Effective calcium blocker prevents calcium deposits on ink rollers;
  • Contains de-foamer; for trouble-free press performance;
  • Suited for food grade printing (foodstuffs sector);

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