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Alphafount CS 261

For ultra-high-speed newspaper printing

Designed for the latest generation of high-speed, wide-size newspaper presses with turbo dampening system and extensive automation. Optimized for an excellent ink-split behavior.


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Alphafount CS 261

For ultra-high-speednewspaper printing

Product Description:

This fountain solution is the result of intense collaboration with “ManrolandWeb Systems”. The fount has been designed and is certified for the latest generation high speed presses with turbo dampening systems, but it’s also suited for all other types of dampening systems.

The fount is recommended for newspaper presses operating with sophisticated level of automation, running speed above 45k copies/h and control technology where standardized production is mandatory and deadline bound timeframe daily required.

The AlphafountCS 261 contains without any compromise the full set of chemical ingredients covering gapless all influencing factors in press run. Every chemical component in the solution is of high quality required to support latest newspaper press technology (maximum speed, APL, 6/2 format). 

Product Features:

  • Built in corrosion protection for longer lifetime of press (corrosion inhibiting additive);
  • Formulated with high-performance anti-piling properties; to reduce press downtime; 
  • Biocide protects against bacteria contamination;
  • Special surfactants allow to reduce the water level: faster drying and higher colour density; 
  • For use in all dampening systems: spray-, turbo-, brush systems;
  • Fast start up of the plate and thus reducing waste;
  • Active plate preservers: no oxidation of the plate after press stops;
  • Effective calcium blocker prevents calcium deposits on ink rollers;
  • Very effective in controlling “dot gain”; 
  • Low foaming, ideal for turbo dampening systems and consistent print production;

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