afosol sheet fed alpha fount SF133 product 20 litre can direct dampening mini offset

Alphafount SF 133


Alphafount SF 132

afosol sheet fed alpha fount SF132 product 20 litre can alcohol free printing fount

Alphafount SF 120

For high-speed presses and oil-based inks

Best for alcohol dampening systems in modern, automated presses, it unfolds its strength when printing with traditional mineral oil and vegetal oil-based inks


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Alphafount SF 120

Product Description:

The formulation provides most of the features of the Alphafount SF 110 although it is specified to perform best for traditional mineral oil and vegetal oil-based ink systems.

It may work with UV curing and metallic ink as well under certain conditions, however, requires in such cases extended operator supervision. Once adjusted to dedicated ink/substrate/speed conditions the fount allows a stable ink/water balance (ink split) and thus a continue press run.

Dosage of wetting agent (IPA) is rather on the higher side opening the dampening window for good clean running properties. A low water uptake stands for good press control and high print contrast (colour saturation on solids and dot gain at ISO standards). 

Part of this founts property is the prevention of bacterial attack within the complete dampening circulation system. Besides the usual qualities of a modern fountain solution, like good clean-running features and low water damping, a special conceived buffering avoids calcium carbonate deposits. 

Product Features:

  • Built-in corrosion guard, safeguarding press components;
  • Formulated to reduce piling on blankets to reduce press downtime;
  • Fast start up of the plate;
  • Effective calcium blocker prevents calcium deposits on ink rollers: No glaze and ink roller stripping;
  • Optimum performance at dosage 2,5% –3,5%. 
  • Conductivity of the press-ready solution will be approx. 1100 μS/cm (at dosage of 2,5%). 
  • IPA dosage between 5 and 8%, 
  • At pH 4.8 to 5.5 gives bright colours

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