afosol alpha care 835PC product 5 litre can white solution plate cleaner

Alphacare 835 PC


Alphacare 810 SC

afosol alpha care 810SC product 5 litre can blue solution for press water system cleaner

Alphacare 805 AA

IPA Replacement

Alternative to IPA for traditional fountain solutions that normally run at high alcohol levels, safeguarding a stable ink/water balance.


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Alphacare 805 AA

IPA Alternative

Product Description:

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is a common additive to fountain solution to reduce the surface tension of water and opens the scope of dampening (water-bandwidth). 

This substitute of isopropyl alcohol can be used in combination with all standard fountain solutions at a dosage of 1%-5% depending on press type, paper quality, ink and job character.

For the sake of an alcohol-free press room Alphacare805 is an adequate substitute for IPA fulfilling the same purpose as IPA. 

The dosing of IPA replacement is between 1% -5% and thus very economic compared to alcohol dampening systems where alcohol dosing is beyond 5%.

Product Usage:

  • Low consumption: an average of 60% less than the current IPA consumption. 
  • Maintains and improves all the traditional qualities of isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Reduces surface tension for a better ink/water-balance. 
  • Increases the viscosity of the wetting solution for a better hydrodynamic behavior in the offset process. 
  • Improves the acceptance of water in the offset ink. 
  • Significant reduction of volatile vapors (VOC) due to its low consumption. 
  • Recommended for use with standard fountain additives designed to be used in combination with an alcohol dosage of more than 5%. 
  • Alpha care 805 is dosed with isopropyl alcohol dispensers existing and on all machines. 

Product Features:

  • The fluid has a flash point of >12°C and its scant volatile organic components effectuate limited evaporation in the press room.
  • On some substrate, the replacement of IPA can improve print quality such as enhanced contrast and gloss.

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