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Alphacare 888 ID


Alphacare 805 AA

afosol alpha care 805AA product 20 litre can yellow solution alternative to IPA dosing

Alphacare 835 PC

Plate Cleaner

The preservation of plates for later re-use requires proper treatment. This emulsion activates non-image areas and removes driedprinting ink gently from aluminum surface. The cleaner, effective on conventional inks, contains mild solvent with a slight abrasive effect to remove residues andto eliminate scratches.


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Alphacare 835 Plate Cleaner

Plate protector

Product Description:

To preserve plates for reusing require proper treatment. This emulsion is of general purpose for positive and negative offset printing plates. 

It activates non-image areas and removes dried printing ink gently from aluminum surface. 

The cleaner works with oil-based ink, contains mild solvent, has a high viscosity, is easy to sponge onto plate surface and develops a slight abrasive effect to remove residues and to eliminate scratches.

Product Usage:

  • Jolt the can before use and disperse the liquid to the plate surface with a soft moist tissue; 
  • Remove the residue with a fresh soft moist tissue and continue printing;
  • For plate storage wipe off the ink first and apply gum for conservation; 
  • Because of the abrasive effect avoid too much pressure whilst wiping;
  • Not recommended when using UV-curing inks;

Product Features:

  • For use on conventional, baked and unbaked CtP-plates;
  • Slight abrasive effect, hence, removes even stubborn ink and gum residues; 
  • Effective and fast ink removal on all parts of the plate surface;
  • Eliminate scratches to a certain extent;
  • Activates non-imaged areas and suppresses scumming;
  • Easy to sponge onto the plate surface; 
  • Residual can be removed with water;

Additional information

Storage and handling

> Store at moderate temperatures (8 – 40°C).
> The use of safety gloves is recommended.
> Keep container tightly closed
> Keep away from direct sun light

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