afosol alpha line 155 UV RC FG product 30 litre solid black can drip-off effect texture roller coating

Alphaline 155 UV RC-FG


Alphaline 96 UV RC

afosol alpha line 96 UV RC product 30 litre solid black can high gloss uv curable roller coating

Alphaline 157 UV DC-FG

Drip-off effect duct coating gloss topcoat (fine grain)

This product serves the same purpose as Alphaline155 UV however it is designed for duct application.


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Alphaline 157 UV RC-BG

Drip-off effect texture duct gloss topcoat (Fine Grain)

Product Description:

This coating is recommended to be used in combination with matt base coating offset to get texture effect. The UV matt coating 165 is used as a base coat using offset plates, to select areas to be printed. 

The UV texture duct gloss coating is applied over the UV texture matt base coat as well as on the whole surface of the print. 

As a result, areas covered only with the glossy area appear glossy and the area above the texture matt base coat creating texture effect. Thus, these results an interesting optical contrast effect with fine grains.

Product Application:

Drip-off effects (matt/gloss) are feasible even without a dedicated flexo-or roller-coater unit in an offset press.

Use the last printing unit of the offset press for overcoating the preprint full flat with topcoat AL 157 UV. The result is a matt, fine grain texture. 

If a big grain texture is required, please chose AL 156 DC BG as topcoat.

Technical Characteristics:

Application Ink duct dry O/S (offset printing unit)
Colour Clear viscous liquid
Print substrate Printed paper & board & suitably treated substrates like Met-Pet/PP
Dry solid content Approx. 100%
Viscosity: 3 -5 seconds by falling rod viscometer at 35°C.

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